The week-long Datta Jayanti Celebration at Maniknagar is actually divided into two portions; the first three days of the Utsav, i.e. from Margasheersha Shuddha Ekadashi (Prabhu Punyatithi) to Dakshina Darbar (Margasheersha Shuddha Trayodashi) relate to the anniversary of Shri Prabhu’s Maha Samadhi (Punyatithi Utsav) and the later half, i.e. from Guru Poojan (Margasheersha Shuddha Chaturdashi) to Darbar (Margasheersha Vadya Pratipada) is the birth anniversary celebration (Janmotsav).
Shri Prabhu, on the preceding day of his Maha-Samadhi spent the whole day distributing alms (which, in Urdu is called ‘Khairaat’ and in Sanskrit ‘Dakshina’) to the poor, the needy, the fakirs, the Brahmins and the Gosais. The Dakshina Darbar is symbolic of this last gathering that Shri Prabhu had and gave audience to the people. To commemorate Shri Prabhu’s Punyatithi Shreeji holds the Dakshina Darbar in the early part of this day and hundreds of Fakirs, Gosais and Brahmins receive Dakshina or Khairaat from him.
07-Guru-poojanManiknagar is the only Datta Peetha which can boast of a spiritual continuum. There has been an un-broken lineage of illustrious Acharyas on the divine Peetha (seat) of Shri Prabhu, who, in their own unique way have enriched the philosophy, the literature and the devotee-base of the Samsthan. Each of these Acharyas has extensively toured the length and breadth of the country to propagate the message of Shri Prabhu and have in the course built up a large base of followers.
Even though a ‘Sakalamati’ or the follower of the Sakalamat Siddhant has an all-embracing, open and holistic approach to religion and spirituality, he needs to adhere to some basic tenets of the Sampradaya as laid down by Shri Sadguru Martand Manik Prabhu Maharaj. Mantra-Deeksha or Mantropadesha, which means initiation into the Sampradaya by way of ‘Upadesh’ or passing of confidential spiritual instruction from the Guru to the Shishya is an epochal event in the life of a spiritual seeker. A shishya who receives such Upadesh or spiritual instruction from the Guru has to lead his life according to the instructions of the Guru in a pious and dutiful manner, always contemplating on the spiritual instruction received from his master.
Hundreds of devotees who have received Upadesh or Mantra-Deeksha from the Acharyas of Shri Prabhu-Sampradaya congregate at Maniknagar on this day to pay their obeisance to their Guru. Shri Maharaj ji also gives Mantra-Deeksha or Upadesh on this day to those new devotees who come to him with a desire to be initiated into the divine order of Shri Prabhu.