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Maniknagar to Ladwanti Padayatra

On the auspicious day of Rama Navami , in the year 1817, Manohar Naik and Bayadevi, a pious and devout couple,  had a divine vision that the Lord Himself (Bhagwan Shri Dattatreya) would descend upon this earth in the form of their son, and, accordingly, HE was born on the day of  Datta Jayanti, 22nd December 1817 as Shri Sadguru Manik Prabhu Maharaj. The place where Shri Prabhu was born is a small village called Ladwanti, situated in the Basavakalyan Taluka of Bidar district and the house in which Shri Prabhu was born, which has been carefully preserved even to this day, has today acquired the form of a temple, visited all through the year by the devotees of Shri Prabhu. Hence, Ladwanti, which is the birthplace of Shri Prabhu (Prabhu Janma Sthaan) has become a must-visit place in the itinerary of pilgrims visiting Maniknagar. As per the wishes of late Shri Siddharaj Manik Prabhu Maharaj, the Samsthan has decided to take-up necessary repairs and renovation of Shri Prabhu Janmasthaan and also install an idol of Shri Prabhu in his BAAL SWAROOP at the very place where he took birth. Accordingly, as part of Shri Prabhu’s Bicentennial Celebrations, H.H. Shri Dnyanraj Manik Prabhu Maharaj will perform the PRAAN PRATISHTHA of the idol of Shri Prabhu on the occasion of Shri Ram Navami on 4th April 2017. Shri Maharaj ji, accompanied by the devotees will take up a JOURNEY ON FOOT (Pad Yatra) from Maniknagar to Ladwanti covering a distance of 50 kilometers in a period of four days, covering a distance of around 15-17 kilometers per day. The Paad Yatra shall begin from Maniknagar in the afternon of 31st March 2017 and shall reach Ladwanti on the 3rd April 2017. It may be noted by all the devotees visiting Maniknagar on the occasion of Rama Navami every year, that this year’s Rama Navami Celebrations will take place at Shri Prabhu Janma Sthaan Ladwanti, instead of Maniknagar. Those who wish to participate in this historic PAD YATRA may register their names by filling up the Registration Form by clicking the JOIN PADAYATRA button given below.. Please note that only those who are physically fit to walk a distance of around 15-17 kilometers a day may participate in this program.

DayDateMorning SessionDistance to be coveredEvening SessionDistance to be covered
Fiday31st March 2017Maniknagar to Rajeshwar9 KM
Saturday1st April 2017Rajeshwar to Sungthan10 KMSungthan to Mudbi7 KM
Sunday2nd April 2017Mudbi to Harkud9 KMHarkud to Bhosga8 KM
Monday3rd April 2017Bhosga to Ladwanti7 KmNight halt at Ladwanti
Tuesday4th April 2017Shri Ram Navami at LadwantiReturn to Maniknagar By car/bus/own vehicle