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Development Projects

To mark the 200th birth anniversary of Shri Prabhu Maharaj the Samsthan has undertaken many development projects in order to give a facelift to the entire Samsthan complex. Many old structures are in need of immediate repairs, some of them have to be modified according to the changing times. Apart from repairs and beautification of old structures some new buildings, roads, gardens etc need to be added to the present infrastructure.Works on many projects has already begun, the others will soon be taken up in order to complete them before November 2017. All these projects require huge finances and are totally dependent on generous contributions from devotees. All donations towards these development activities are exempt from Income Tax, under section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

Renovation of Shri Prabhu Mandir Complex

Prabhu-MandirShri Prabhu’s temple in black granite is a unique piece of architectural marvel. It is surrounded by many important and historical places of attraction such as the Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple, the sacred Audumbar Tree under which Shri Prabhu met saintly personalities like Swamy Samarth of Akkalkot and Sai Baba of Shirdi, the Dattatreya Temple and the Mukhya Praan Hanuman Temple. The renovation of all these temples along with extension of the southern and northern compound walls of Shri Prabhu Mandir, so as to include all these important places into the main temple complex, is in progress. The renovation and beautification of the temple complex is estimated to cost Rs. 50 Lakhs.

Renovation of Bhandarkhana Complex

BhandarkhanaThe Bhandarkhana or the temple kitchen is serving Prasad (free meals) to thousands of devotees for the past two hundred years. In fact Anna Daan (serving meals to the needy) and Vidya Daan (educating the masses) have been the two major activities of the Samsthan during the past two centuries. The number of devotees partaking the bliss of Maha-Prasad is increasing by each passing year thereby necessitating major renovation to the Bhandarkhana complex. The renovation is to be completed before the Bicentennial Celebrations of Shri Prabhu’s birth to be held in the year 2017. The cost of renovation is Rs. 35 Lakhs.

Renovation of Naubatkhana

Naubatkhana or the main entrance to the temple complex is a very important structure with a huge arch-gate and place for playing of traditional temple drums or the ‘Naubat’. With the whole temple complex being renovated it becomes necessary that this important monument is also given a facelift. The cost of renovation of this building is Rs. 30 Lakhs.

Renovation of Shri Venkamma Devi Temple

VenkammaDevi Venkamma, who is worshipped as Madhumati Shyamala – the Adi Shakti of Bhagwan Shri Dattatreya, has a temple dedicated to her which is one of the most important places of visit in Maniknagar for the devotees. The original temple built around 100 years ago in a combination of black granite and red laterite stone, requires immediate renovation. The Samsthan has already started the work. The cost of this project is Rs 25 Lakhs.

Renovation of Sangam Complex

sangamThe confluence of rivulets Guru Ganga and Viraja, popularly called as SANGAM, is a quiet place with abundant natural beauty, perfectly suitable for meditation and relaxation. The Sangam also has the Samadhis of Shri Prabhu’s mother Baya Devi, brothers Hanumant Dada Maharaj and Narsimha Tatya Maharaj, apart from the Samadhi of the elder son of Shri Martand Manik Prabhu Maharaj – Shri Narsimha Baba Saheb Maharaj. Narsimha Teertha – a water tank constructed in black granite which has a source of continues fresh water from the adjacent rivulets, is a place where the devotees can take a holy dip. The tank and the surrounding temples require immediate repairs in order to restore them to their original glory. A recreation park for the children is also proposed. The cost of the entire project is Rs 50 Lakhs.

Construction of Shri Siddharaj Manik Prabhu Temple

shreeji-templeHis Holiness Shri Siddharaj Manik Prabhu Maharaj – the fifth Peethadhipati of the Samsthan, who brought about a revolutionary transformation of the Samsthan into a leading centre of religion, spirituality and education, attained Maha Samadhi in the year 2009. A temple or Samadhi Mandir befitting the magnificence of his personality and the enormity of his contribution to the development of the Samsthan is being planned. The cost of this project is Rs. 1 crore. The Samsthan solicits contributions from its devotees for the completion of this project.

Construction and Establishment of Manik Prabhu Museum

museumManiknagar has a rich legacy of literature, art, religion, culture and spirituality. The Samsthan has an invaluable treasure in the form of artifacts, manuscripts, documents, photographs and such other things relating to the life and mission of Shri Prabhu and his successors, which, if exhibited systematically, can prove to be a great source of inspiration for the visiting devotees. The Samsthan proposes to construct a museum building which can house these artifacts. The cost of the project is Rs. 1 Crore.

Construction of more rooms in Manik Vihar

mvThe Samsthan is making every effort in ensuring that the visiting devotees are provided with a clean, hygienic and a reasonably comfortable accommodation. Manik Vihar – the new guest house presently has a total number of ___ rooms, but with continuous increase in the number of visitors it has become necessary to have additional rooms. ___ new rooms with attached toilets are proposed to be constructed. Devotees can co-own rooms in this guest house by sponsoring a part of the cost of construction of a room. The unit of contribution towards sponsorship of a room is Rs. 3,00,000/-.

Expansion of Veda Pathashala

veda-pathaThe Veda and Sanskrit Pathshala run by the Samsthan is one of the biggest institutes of Vedic learning in the whole of south India, with a student-body of 100 resident students. Work on the ground floor of a new building for the Pathashala has already been completed with the help of devotees of the Samsthan. The second floor also needs to be completed so as to accommodate all the students in the new building. The cost of the project is Rs. 50 Lakhs. Help from the general public for the completion of this project is solicited.