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Arjit Seva

The devout can perform a number of Arjit Sevas (Ritualistec Services) in the temple. The Samsthan makes arrangement for the due performance of the Sevas on specific request from devotees. Requests for these Sevas can be made online. Please note that in case the Seva is not possible on the date of your choice due to Ekadashi or any other festival the seva will be performed on the next available day and Prasad will be sent by courier or regular post. Please note that all Sevas must be booked 2 days in advance. After clicking “Add to cart/Checkout” you will be taken to the CC Avenue Payment Gateway Page. Please do not forget to mention the DATE OF SEVA in the space for “Other Notes and Instructions”.

Product IDParticularsAmount  
SEV01Sarva Seva₹ 11,001.00Add to cart
SEV02Annadan Seva₹ 5,100.00Add to cart
SEV03Ganapati Homa₹ 5,000.00Add to cart
SEV04Chandi Path₹ 5,000.00Add to cart
SEV05Naivedya - Laddu₹ 3,100.00Add to cart
SEV06Brahman Bhojan₹ 3,100.00Add to cart
SEV07Annapooja₹ 2,100.00Add to cart
SEV08Alankar Mahapooja₹ 2,100.00Add to cart
SEV09Mahavastra Arpan₹ 1,600.00Add to cart
SEV10Naivedya - Sakharbhat₹ 1,100.00Add to cart
SEV11Naivedya - Chitranna₹ 1,100.00Add to cart
SEV12Jholi - Madhukari Bhiksha₹ 1,100.00Add to cart
SEV13Panchamrit Abhishek₹ 551.00Add to cart
SEV14Rudrabhishek₹ 101.00Add to cart
SEV15Kunkumarchan - Shri Venkamma Devi₹ 101.00Add to cart
SEV16Laghurudra Abhishek in Shravan Maas and Datta Jayanti only₹ 801.00Add to cart
SEV17Abhishek 5 Brahmins in Shravan Maas and Datta Jayanti only₹ 551.00Add to cart
SEV18Ekadashini Abhishek in Shravan Maas and Datta Jayanti only₹ 125.00Add to cart
SEV19Shravan Maas Bilwarchan for one day₹ 251.00Add to cart
SEV20Shravan Maas Bilwarchan for one Monday₹ 501.00Add to cart
SEV21Shravan Maas Bilwarchan for all Mondays₹ 1,601.00Add to cart
SEV22Shravan Maas Bilwarchan for each day in the month₹ 5,001.00Add to cart


श्री भक्तकार्यकल्पद्रुम गुरुसार्वभौम श्रीमद्राजाधिराज योगिमहाराज त्रिभुवनानंद अद्वैत अभेद निरंजन निर्गुण निरालंब परिपूर्ण सदोदित सकलमतसस्थापित श्री सद्गुरु माणिकप्रभु महाराज की जय!



Shri Manik Prabhu Samsthan,
Dist. Bidar,
Karnataka - 585353  (India)


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