Beta Preview Friv: Infinite Crisis

DoTA and LoL - these two abbreviations are rightfully at the top of the MOBA gaming Olympus. None of the many imitators have ever succeeded in crowding out the great esports disciplines. However, the developers at Friv5Online decided to strike below the belt. The project they are preparing is based on the Infinite Crisis comic series, the trick of which was to unite many famous characters in the DC universe.

Heroic Champion Friv5Online was not going to bring any revolutionary changes to the MOBA genre. There are three modes, the most popular of which exploits the classic concept. On opposite ends of the map there are bases of two teams. Between them there are three paths with placed watchtowers, aggressive "creeps" ply along the paths, safely annihilating each other. The balance between them is broken by five heroes on each side, which are controlled directly by the players. Actually, heroes (in the local dialect - champions) are the element that draws attention to the project. The Injustice Experience : Gods Among Us

showed that the public is very warm to crossovers, offering characters from different comics to measure strength. The project is published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment , which means that the developers did not have to bother with the purchase of licenses to use the images of popular heroes. Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and a number of other famous comic book characters this time will converge on the same battlefield.

The skills and parameters of each champion correspond to his image. So, Batman is strong in close combat, and Superman has great speed. In addition to the traditional four skills, each hero has additional, the so-called "borrowed" powers (stolen powers), which are selected from a common set for all before the battle. Their number can be increased by winning matches or buying. These skills are active and significantly affect the course of the battle. So, you can teach your warrior to lift cars and throw them at enemies or increase the running speed for a short time.

The Infinite Crisisthere is no strict binding of the hero to a specific role. The developers offered us several "versions" of one character, adapting the skills of each for certain tasks. One and the same champion can act both as a "support" and as a "carry". So if you are a Poison Ivy fan but want to be on the front lines and not serve the leaders of your team, just pick this hero from a different universe and with a different set of skills.

However, each of the champions has a specific fighting style. There are two types of damage - from attack and from strength (using "skills"). Their indicators are variable, that is, they can increase as a result of purchasing items or increasing levels. Some heroes are of one type, others are both. You will have to spend a lot of time to understand the features of each character and the local "pumping" system. Understanding the role of the chosen champion, knowing his strengths and weaknesses completely determines the strategy of the game.

A number of heroes are available at once. The rest will have to be bought at a local store or for game currency, or for "real". In addition, here you can update the appearance of our characters, as well as purchase fresh borrowed powers. There are not too many champions so far, but the developers continue to announce and release new fighters. Donat does not affect the balance of power, since in theory it is possible to unlock all the heroes for free, without experiencing hardships during matches.

In general, like any other representative of the MOBA, Infinite Crisisrather unfriendly to new users. The interface is cluttered with heaps of skill and item icons, rules, and descriptive text. Abounding in information, it causes rejection at first, but later you get used to it. And besides, in many ways Infinite Crisis is simpler than its competitors. For example, after gaining a new level, we will be surely told which "skill" is preferable to improve, and going up to the tower, we will find out what, in the opinion of the developers, our next "item" should be. Also, one cannot fail to note the surprisingly friendly-minded community - many players give good advice, trying to help newcomers.

Revised here and such a fundamental concept as last hit. Even if you have not succeeded in the skill of delivering the final blow to enemies, you will hardly be able to get out of the line with empty pockets. Each dead drone drops a coin that you can pick up. The reward will not be as big as in the case of self-execution of the "unit", but beginners will be delighted with this too.

There are no couriers delivering artifacts. A unique feature is the ability to purchase new items from any tower. This approach adds dynamics to the game, since the heroes do not have to be distracted by returning to base or queuing up to use the courier.

The same applies to the "wards", which can be purchased for free by any hero on the base. This gives support fighters more freedom. Any team member, even the toughest carry, can pick up a ward and place it at the desired point. In general, the strategic opportunities associated with the use of items are not very diverse here. Most artifacts act passively, adding a quantitative increase to one or another parameter. All heroes have six slots, but artifacts allow for several levels of "upgrade".

So far, there are three maps and, accordingly, three modes. In "Gotham Heights" - analogue of Dominion from LoL- heroes run in a circle and capture key points. Divided Gotham is a classic three-line map, the mechanics of which have long been known to everyone. For beginners, the "Pier" is perfect. It has two lanes with large tracts of urban jungle, in the center of which is the Doomsday Machine - capturing it gives a huge advantage in the match.

Visually, everything looks very good. Up to Dota 2 Infinite Crisis "sleek"clearly does not hold out, but nevertheless it looks quite dignified and original. The maps are made in a futuristic style, the environment consists of many objects like cars, street lamps and buildings with neon signs. Excellent effects and animations of heroes' attacks give a clear understanding of what is happening on the battlefield. An interesting feature is that the cards are somewhat destructible. During the game, random events can occur, such as a meteorite falling or the appearance of energy rifts.

The current version looks stable - we have not noticed any serious bugs. However, there are minor technical difficulties like slow navigation in the store. Hopefully, all issues will be fixed by release. In the meantime, you can join the open beta testing, which started on March 14th.

If you roughly define Infinite Crisis, you could call it " League of Legends with superheroes." However, the creation of Friv5Online looks like a relatively democratic version of the MOBA genre: the developers have followed the path of some simplifications. It is difficult to say what such a strategy will turn out to be - an influx of newcomers, the rejection of conservative adherents, or all at once. One way or another, everyone wants to be in the shoes of Batman or Superman - and this is the strongest argument in Infinite Crisis's arsenal.

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